LibreOffice.flatpak update

New revisions of LibreOffice are routinely uploaded to by now. But things have changed slightly with the recent upload of LibreOffice 5.2.3:

GNOME Software (at least the version available in Fedora 25 beta) can now handle .flatpak files, so throwing the downloaded LibreOffice.flatpak at it will allow you to install the flatpak onto your system without resorting to the command line. (Just remember, for now, to first install the GNOME 3.20 runtime as detailed at, or GNOME Software might refuse to install the LibreOffice.flatpak with an odd error message like “Could not find ‘org.libreoffice.LibreOffice.destkop’”.)

But for that to work the LibreOffice.flatpak had to be stripped down to advertise just a single application (a single org.libreoffice.LibreOffice.appdata.xml and a single org.libreoffice.LibreOffice.desktop). So when you have installed the flatpak, you’ll now only see a single application icon (the “generic” document icon) instead of the various sub-application icons for Writer, Calc, Impress, etc. (The upside being that you’ll thus no longer confuse your Linux distro’s LibreOffice installation with the flatpak one.) And opening new Writer, Calc, Impress, etc. documents still works from the “generic” application icon’s context menu.

Another recent improvement is that flatpak’s xdg-desktop-portal (and GNOME-specific xdg-desktop-portal-gtk backend) is now available (again, at least in Fedora 25 beta), so that clicking on hyperlinks in LibreOffice documents (or requesting the LibreOffice online help, e.g. by pressing F1) will now forward those requests to your browser and open the links there.


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